Facebook Runs Out Of Room, Looks To Growth On The Mobile Web

Posted September 25th, 2010 in Product Review, Technology News, Useful Tips and tagged by Steven

Contrary to a popular belief, it is not lonely at the top, but it is crowded. Facebook has reached 500 million users. They are strapped. It is time to make a change. Read on to find out what Facebook has for a gameplan in the future.


Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO and creator of the world-renowned Facebook social service. It has passed up every site online for popularity. The 500 million ( that is half a billion ) users have become the number one force to deal with on the internet. There is just one problem. There is no more growth. Online growth trends for Facebook have gone stagnant. There must be another step to take. Facebook revolves around the word “social”. This must extend to the lives people have while not actually thinking about the web.

Recently, Facebook opened their new service called “Places” which is a location based service.
It is an approximation to the Foursquare service that awards mayorships to those who frequent certain establishments with enough visits. This was a major venture into the mobile world. It also has the related privacy quandary. When you tell the world where you are, they also know where you are not. This common problem was already available thanks to the cell phone. It got exacerbated with social networks, since accepting someone ( a stranger ) as a friend let them into some of your private worlds.

Regardless of the problems, Facebook had nowhere else to go. They took the web, now they are the juggernaut looking for a bigger home. A stagnant business is a negative. For those who own a smartphone, it is a safer way than using a public computer to check in to Facebook. A browser in an internet cafe has any level ( or lacks thereof ) of security measures. Internet explorer is a highly targeted software by hackers. The mobile phone is not so targeted just yet. Facebook can be accessed once on a smartphone and all the social applications can be turned into social events. All the above make it an attractive platform for Facebook.

Facebook needs deep access to the smartphone operating system to really make their system work. The CEO has stated that the goal is to be a platform for making apps more social in the mobile world. Many take that to mean that Facebook must need their own smartphone to really have the freedom they need.

The rumors is still flying that Facebook is creating their own smartphone. However, the rumors is being denied as false.
The other rumor is that Facebook will transform the Google software, android, to do what they need it to do. This seems unlikely, since the android software is not as open as people thought it was. The CEO of Facebook made a statement that maybe ten years “down the road” they would make their own mobile operating system.

Mobile technology is the best thing to happen to Facebook and is the logical step for any service that has the word “social” at their core. The facts are that Apple, Google and all the Facebook competitors are headed to the mobile web. It is impossible for Facebook not to follow.

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