Find Fido Fast with GPS Microchips and Collars for Dogs

Posted July 12th, 2010 in Gadgets, Product Review, Useful Tips and tagged , by Steven
e all know that Dogs are a man’s best friend, and anyone would hate losing their furry pal. Dogs are notorious for running away. A lost pet is traumatizing for the owner. Usually, they go chasing after a car and can’t find their way back home. Sometimes, they may even be stolen as in the case of expensive purebreds.

The problem is, once you take the collars off these purebred dogs. They all look pretty much the same. Thankfully, technology has come up with an innovative way to track down our beloved pets that have gone astray.

GPS is a navigational tool that has been around for a long time. It’s also used for mapping and tracking stuff. Most high tech gadgets like smart phones incorporate GPS into their systems.

These days, you can even put one on your dog. There are two kinds of GPS collars for dogs. One utilizes radio frequency identification technology (RFID) in the form of a microchip implanted just under your dog’s skin or incorporated into its collar. RFID chips do not need any source of power.

Nowadays, RFID chips are made from bioglass material. This chip does not give you the ability to track down your dog’s movement and location. Instead, it stores crucial information like your dog’s name and distinctive characteristics as well as your name and address. Some dog lovers showed concern over the whole implanting issue.

They fear that these chips may, in the long run, cause cancerous growths. Some chips may even get dislodged and travel from one area to another. Those concerned about health issues, could opt to have the RFID microchip installed in your dog’s collar instead. One of the brands utilizing this technology is PetSafe with their Micro I.D. Rescue collar.

The other type of GPS collar for dogs is the type that can actually track down and find your dog for you. This one doesn’t even have to be implanted into your dog. The GPS microchip is fitted into your pet’s collar. Using the internet, a cell phone with internet capabilities, or a compatible handheld device, you can monitor your dog’s location.

Updates on their whereabouts may be sent to you through text, email, or phone call. The tracking range of the GPS collars for dogs is around a mile or more, depending on the terrain and other obstructions. Some brands of GPS collars for dogs are a bit on the bulky side and are recommended for use only with bigger breeds.

Newer models, like the one sold by Global Pet Finder weighs less than five ounces and can be attached to any sort of collar.
With Global Pet Finder GPS collar for dogs, you can even arrange a ‘virtual perimeter’. The device will notify you should your canine chum decide to cross its invisible borders.

SpotLight has an even lighter GPS collar for dogs, which weighs in at only 2.5 ounces. It features a small LED light that can be seen from a hundred yards away. Great for dog owners with black dogs who love to go out for a midnight stroll.

One of the downsides of the GPS collars for dogs is the price. Global Pet Finder costs three hundred bucks and has a monthly fee of eighteen dollars. Spotlight, on the other hand, costs a bit less at two-hundred fifty dollars, with a monthly fee ranging from eight to twenty dollars.

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