Facebook Runs Out Of Room, Looks To Growth On The Mobile Web

Posted September 25th, 2010 in Product Review, Technology News, Useful Tips by Steven

Contrary to a popular belief, it is not lonely at the top, but it is crowded. Facebook has reached 500 million users. They are strapped. It is time to make a change. Read on to find out what Facebook has for a gameplan in the future. Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO and creator of the world-renowned Facebook...

Facebook Is Rumored To Be Building A Phone

Posted September 19th, 2010 in Featured, Technology News by Steven
Facebook Is Rumored To Be Building A Phone

While the internet is a great place to start a rumor, they are still rumors until something actually takes place. So, what is this running around on so many sites if it is nothing? (more…)