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Second-Generation Information Technology BPA (2GIT)

BPA Information

DH Technologies, LLC

BPA #: 47QTCA21A000X

Schedule Contract #: GS-35F388CA

POP dates: March 31, 2021 - March 30, 2026

DH Tech Points of Contact:

Program Manager

Natalie Geno

Phone: 571-257-0865




Sales/Customer Service/Technical Support


*Use this email address/phone number to obtain a quote and or discuss our policy and procedural information regarding installation, basic warranty, extended warranty, technical support, software support, and other pre-sales issues.

Contract Overview:

Until 2GIT is available, please use eBuy to directly solicit quotes from vendors that offer the services or SINs you require. 

You can read more from GSA here.

Once available for ordering, the 2GIT BPAs will offer pre-competed IT hardware and software products through GSA Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • 33411 - Purchase of New Equipment (formerly SIN 132-8)

  • 811212 - Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services/ and or Repair/ Spare Parts (Formerly SIN 132-12)

  • 511210 - Software License - Term Software & Perpetual (Formerly SIN 132-32 and 132-33)

  • 54151 - Software Maintenance Services (Formerly SIN 132-34)

  • OLM - Order-Level Materials (Formerly SIN 70-500)

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