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Navy High Performance Computing Catalog

Contract Number: NNG15SC70B 

Group: Group C  

NAICS: 541519

Business Designation(s): HUB Zone, Small Business    

DH Technologies, LLC (DH Tech) is pleased to announce award of the NAVY High Performance Computing Agency Catalog for the purchase of NVIDIA DGX Stations, DGX A100 Supercomputers, Pure Storage FlashBlade Storage Arrays, and Arista Network Switches, as well as the installation, testing & certification, maintenance & support, professional data science services and onsite instructor-led workshops. With the addition of the High Performance Computing Agency Catalog, DH Tech rapidly delivers Artificial Intelligence solutions to all branches of the Navy.

This Agency Catalog is one of several held by DH Tech under our Agency Catalog portfolio available through the NASA SEWP V Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC). Additional Agency Catalogs include the Department of the Navy NetApp Agency Catalog and the DoDNet Thin Client Workstations Agency Catalog. 

An Agency Catalog is a dedicated and pre-competed ordering vehicle populated with products and/or services, as defined within a Federal Agency’s requirements documentation, and is available for procurement through the SEWP V contract. The products/services identified in the Agency’s requirements are competed among the selected group(s) of SEWP Contract Holders, resulting in two or more Contract Holders selected for ongoing competition and fulfillment of each order through the life of the catalog. Catalogs provide Agencies with speed and flexibility, offering ‘point and click, on-demand purchasing’ (similar to an e-commerce website), with no restrictions on the quantity purchased or frequency of usage.

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