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Cloud Purchasing Program

Why you should participate?

The Carahsoft Cloud Purchasing Program gives you a single place to purchase cloud solutions in a streamlined, agile, and cost-effective manner. You can use Carahpoints to pay for custom cloud solutions from one or more vendors; expand your current capacity needs; cover consumption costs; rapidly acquire new cloud services; and more.

Plus you have access to some of the world’s leading cloud vendors, many of which are already participating in the program.

How Does The Program Work?

You can use CarahPoints to purchase cloud solutions from one or more vendors using a single SKU. A CarahPoint is equal to $1 US MSRP of actual products or services redeemed or consumed. It can be used to pay for real consumption, annual subscriptions, training, enabling technologies, and professional services. With the Carahsoft Cloud Purchasing Program, you pay only for what you consume and have the option to fund products and services upfront or billed monthly in arrears. At any time, you can submit on-demand point redemption requests, monitor your usage, track your remaining balance, and buy additional points. Unredeemed CarahPoints carry over from month to month and do not expire.

There’s no need for a lengthy and complicated procurement process. You can easily purchase new capabilities or technologies at any point and buy more capacity as your needs scale. Plus, the Carahsoft Cloud Purchasing Program is available on the contracts you already use, including GSA Schedule, NASA SEWP, NASPO Cloud Solutions, IPHEC, NCPA, and many more.

How to Join

Signing up for the program is extremely easy - one of our account reps will work with you to make the process seamless.


Reach out to us today by clicking on the button below. 

If you’d like to learn more, be sure to download the Cloud Purchasing Program Guide

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