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DH Technologies Terms and Conditions:

Who Is DH Technologies?

DH Technologies is a HUBzone small business and value added reseller focusing on advanced technologies such as Virtualization, Data Center Optimization, GPU Acceleration, and Hyperconverged Platforms.

1.1      Description of Duties

The Senior Systems Architect is highly experienced with virtual desktop infrastructure best practices and identifying discrepancies

1.2      Technical Skills

¨ Works directly with project staff at all levels of the organization, from executives to implementation resources, to identify all components, firmware versions, and physical interconnects to determine if it’s in accordance with best practices ¨ Understands best practices from the infrastructure to the endpoints ¨ Works directly with project manager to create a report tailored around customer specific objectives and DH Technologies industry expertise ¨ Make recommendations on best practices, customer objectives, and expertise to ensure the success of the project.

1.3      Task

¨ Use Liquidware Labs Stratusphere (licensing sold separately) to determine performance impacting “hot spots”, determine applications that should be added or extrapolated from the base image, ¨ Create a unclass report summarizing findings, leaving any specifics reports created on the classified network, if applicable.

¨ Identify most recent firmware, hypervisor, and desktop OS version versus deployed version and provide links to release notes for any critical upgrades ¨ Provide a list of suggested action items for execution to bring the VDI environment to an optimal configuration ¨ Does not include execution of corrective actions, though some minor tweaks that can be executed by customer staff during investigation are at the sole discretion of the customer staff.

1.4      Travel and Expense

Any travel expenses will be invoiced at actual expenses for fares, lodging, rental vehicle, etc. As outlined in the DoD Joint Travel Regulations. Meals and incidentals will be per diem based on published per diem rates by General Services Administration at

1.5      Other Provisions

¨ DH Technologies (DH Tech) may use affiliates and subcontractors to perform the Services. ¨ If a conflict arises between the terms of the Purchase Order, SOW and Agreement, the following order of precedence shall be followed: first, the Agreement; second, the SOW; and third, the Purchase Order (if any). Provided, however, in no event will any terms and conditions contained in any Purchase Order apply irrespective of whether such terms and conditions are in conflict with or merely ancillary to any terms and conditions in the SOW or Agreement. ¨ Partial or complete termination for convenience of this SOW or the associated Delivery Order shall be in accordance with the Termination for Convenience provisions of the GSA Schedule or NASA SEWP V contract as applicable.

¨ DH Tech shall comply with the Computer Security Act of 1987 and all Agency requirements for access to Sensitive but Unclassified Information. DH Tech shall be responsible for providing properly cleared personnel, providing security briefings, and ensuring compliance by its employees with the Government or Contractor security regulations. This includes the safekeeping, wearing and visibility of a contractor -provided picture name badge, and any special agency badges clearly identifying the person as a contractor. DH Tech shall ensure the return of badges and all Government property upon task completion or when personnel are no longer required for work under this PWS. DH Tech shall coordinate with the COR on all security issues and to gain access to the base and all areas necessary to execute this installation. DH Tech shall provide the necessary security clearance information to the COR no later than two weeks prior to installation commencement for contractor personnel being granted access to any work locations.

1.6      General

DH Tech shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to provide Service to the extent caused by: (1) failures by Customer to perform its responsibilities under this SOW; (2) materially inaccurate assumptions; (3) a defect, deficiency or failure with respect to Customer’s network, systems, software, data or other equipment; or (4) modifications to Customer’s network, systems, or other equipment made by a party other than DH Tech or its representatives. In the event that either party becomes aware of the occurrence of one or more of the foregoing events, they shall notify the other party accordingly. Notwithstanding such occurrence, DH Tech may, following discussion with Customer regarding the impact of such incident, continue to provide the Service and shall use commercially reasonable efforts to perform the Service under this SOW. Customer shall reimburse DH Tech for its reasonable additional costs of providing the Service and out of pocket expenses for such efforts and only to the extent attributable to the items defined above.

1.7      Severability

If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall attach only to such provision and not in any way affect or render invalid or unenforceable any other provision of this Agreement.

1.8      Health and Safety

During the 2020 pandemic the world saw an unprecedented impact to commerce and service providers’ ability to travel and interact with their service partners. DH Tech values the health and safety of all its employees and mission partners and will operate according to national, state, and local guidance while providing Service. If travel is not permitted due to imminent severe risk of health and safety of DH Tech resources or Customer, DH Tech or the Customer reserves the right to suspend Service until such period of imminent risk is reduced to a moderate level that does not unnecessarily put the health and welfare of any person at risk. PM and COR will operate to suspend or continue Service in the event of such occurrence. When possible, DH Tech will perform work remotely through Customer VPN remotely and may use virtual training in-lieu of in person training when such conditions exist.

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