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Terms and Conditions

Quote Terms and Conditions

Past due accounts are subject to interest computed at the rate of interest established by the Secretary of the Treasury, and published in the Federal Register, for interest payments under section 7109(a)(1) and (b) of title 41, which is in effect at the time the agency accrues the obligation to pay a late payment interest penalty. Direct Deposit is available.

DH Technologies agrees and meets all terms, conditions, provisions and clauses of your request. All amendments (if any) are acknowledged. DH Technologies certifies that its registration in SAM is current, accurate and complete.

Terms and Conditions: Orders are not binding upon Seller until accepted by Seller. Customer agrees to pay the total purchase price for the products plus shipping if applicable. Customer understands that Seller is not the manufacturer of the Products hereunder and the only warranties offered are those of the manufacturer, not Seller or its Affiliates. Invoices are due and payable within the time period specified on the invoice. DH Technologies reserves the right to partial shipping, invoicing and payment for quotes in which there are products from multiple manufacturers, large quantities requested, and/or order is being fulfilled in multiple shipments - unless otherwise noted in your request. Depending on quote/order size ($1 million +) the inclusion of FAR provision 52.212.4 paragraph b Assignment of Claims may be asked for.

Additionally, all services rendered will be invoiced and payment requested when services are performed or if they are pre-paid services. If POP maintenance, payment in arrears is not authorized. Pricing is valid for this opportunity and quantities quoted only. Contact your sales rep within 7 days to notify receipt of damaged items. Returns may incur a restocking fee. If a quote/delivery orders contains both products and services, we request the ability to partial bill and collect on products delivered in lieu of services performed.

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