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Return On Investment

Schedule your Virtualization or VDI Health Check Now!  Get the most value out of your investment.  We build build ROI studies that show the value of our virtualization and virtual desktop solutions.

Green Power

Did you know for every 1,000 pc’s virtualized you will save almost 200k annually in power savings alone? Start by requesting your VDI ROI analysis.


Build your own private cloud today! Our trained experts can build the best solution that meets your needs.

Welcome to DH Technologies

DH Technologies has rapidly established itself as an industry-recognized expert in system integration/virtualization services, as validated recently with award by partner VMWare, Inc. as a Premier Partner. Leveraging broad exposure gained from our work as a VMWare Pre/Post sales Professional Services delivery partner, we’ve enjoyed great success with implementing game-changing enterprise virtualization solutions in both Public and Private sectors, with a particular focus in the DoD/Federal space.

About Us

DH Technologies (DH Tech) is a Small Business entity that has rapidly established itself as an industry-recognized expert in system integration/virtualization services, as validated recently with The “Federal Partner of Year 2013 & 2014” award by Nutanix; The “Federal Innovation Partner of the Year 2013 award by Arista Networks; named to CRN’s List of “Tech Elite 250” in 2014, and 2015.

DH Tech is an industry-recognized enterprise VMware VDI solution provider with extensive past performance in the Public and Private sectors. We leverage broad exposure gained from our work as a VMware Pre/Post sales Professional Services delivery partner.  We focus on proficiency training and customer-facing fieldwork to ensure that we bring the best and brightest team to bear on our projects.

  • Virtual Desktop Experts

    Our proven team has completed several VDI projects that range from small proof of concepts to large scale enterprise solutions of 10,000+ users.  We have a great track record and impeccable past performance to ensure your success.

  • Value Add Resellers

    We pride ourself as being a true value added reseller.  We focus on solutions that solve customer problems.  Our technical engineers are certified in many technologies and can ensure you have the right solution that solves your problems at the most economical price.

  • Cloud Solution Providers

    To the cloud!  There’s a lot of hype out there about migrating to the cloud.  We can help you chose the right cloud solution and help you migrate to the cloud when you’re ready.

  • Virtualization Experts

    The foundation of most data centers centralizes around the hypervisor.  As virtualization experts we have expertise in VMware, Microsoft, KVM, XenServer, and more.

  • Software Defined Networking

    The latest and greatest virtualization technology today is the ability to virtualize your network.  This creates a more agile network that reduces complexity and provides you with features and security that were previously not available with traditional network solutions.

Hyper Converged Specialists

DH Technologies knows the hyper converged market, the value it brings, the architecture, and cost savings it brings you.  Let our industry specialists discuss with you how it can save you money and simplify your IT needs.

What others say about us

J. Latham

I just want to take a moment to tell you how impressed I was with the
representative from your company that was sent to assist HRC with setting up
our new virtual environment.

Your engineer has expertise and insight that, from my experience with
other technicians, is a rarity these days. He was very professional and the obvious leader of the crew that was here to
assist. He explained to us the pros and cons of doing things a certain way
and even helped us decide on better implementation techniques to get the
most out of our future environment. Him being so knowledgeable let me focus
on my regular duties instead of having to piggy back him which is not
normally the case.

I look forward to hopefully working with him again on future projects.
Again, just a little note to point out the great asset you have in your
company. I wanted to keep him here 🙂

J. LathamVirtualization Administrator
C. Weinstein

We are very satisfied with the onsite engineering support of this project. In all of the deliverables (upgrading VMs) your engineer would go above and beyond. His knowledge of the technology made the health check and the upgrade as smooth as possible for CCHMC team. My only regret is not fully utilizing your capabilities during the deployment.

Any future opportunities come to fruition I would not think twice in requesting you back!

C. WeinsteinCCHMC